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May 15, 2006


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I'll be going to Argentina on a "medical vacation." I'd been told before (by Argentinians and a few Americans that had visited there) that the health care system there is much better than the medical system here. Doesn't surprise me. I'd like to begin the 2-part process of getting an implant in Argentina, while I'm there for surgery, then return to Argentina some months later for the crown. Could anyone recommend a specialist in implants to me? Someone in Buenos Aires, please. Thank you so much. Sari

miss tango

You answered your own question Deby. Why are drugs so expensive, sickness is a money making business.
That is why your people come to Canada to get their Rx filled. Although the US is trying to crack down on that.
So what if you had breast cancer? And one breast was all mangled from surgery, they would fix that but not match up the other breast?
In Canada both would be done.

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