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July 22, 2006


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So you're the one on crutches who was having the book swap that I missed? Too bad, because as it turns out, you're very attractive. Good to hear you're not hobbling around anymore. Or maybe you are? This is kind of an old post.


yes caroline I am here as well writing a comment .

I am Argentine and we are not afraid to speak our minds


I will say that I love your site its a testament to argentine culture and tango.

What I dont understand is why the expatriates moving to argentina are critising the place so much I mean do they have to live here ?

This is a developing country and when you get people moving here and complaining about the dog shit graffiti and lack of food options I find this very very trivial.

America is now systematically destroying the middle east while the world watches and human rights in the usa are much worse than argentina.

So a short note to you whinging expatriates look at the positive or move out


Hi Deby, so glad to see that you're crutchless! That must have felt so good.

miss tango

Yay! I am so happy for you Deby!

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