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April 14, 2008


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I suspect the hostility comes from the fact that this is a professional situation and any adult male should know better. Simply walking out isn't going to improve the situation for future victims. It just allows the predator to try his (or her) luck with someone new. Legal action may be the only way to get a message across.

And yes, you do blame the victims with your comments. I doubt there would be legal action without some merit. I've seen Argentine in action on the streets, in clubs and on the dancefloors. Many times I've seen things that I would consider outright sexual harassment. I've also seen how it's tolerated and allowed to continue.


Hiterical maybe?

Dieudonne Dang

Thanks for you sensible reasoning, its a balm on many male Tango dancers' harts.


A voice of reason in the wilderness...great post Deby...I don't know where the hostility comes from...the woman has some sort of personal agenda/vendetta against the man...but you will note the photos on her myspace page...she didn't miss this guy's halloween milonga...

nancy Ingle

I say Amen again.

Deby, your email is bouncing. For two days. Is it just me?

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