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July 19, 2011


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Eventos y espectaculos en buenos aires

I live in buenos aires, and my dream is similar to yours. To get rid of my current life and go to another place completely new to develop my hidden skills. However, it is hard to do it, and not all the people had the gutts to do it, thats why I admire people like you who can follow their dreams.
I live 10 blocks from plaza serrano.


I disagree with your comments completely. I think you are just like most American women -- unsatisfied and looking for a rainbow which can never be. Which is why divorce is still incredibly high in the US and there so many women and men remain single here too! Argentines love life,and they enjoy beauty (physical and mental beauty). Who says that men do not value women's intelligence there? Boy are you mistaken -- dead wrong. But, it may be hard for an American to grasp. You see, Argentine women exude their intelligence while they remain feminine and sexy. You see, this is quite possible to achieve! One thing does not exclude the other. After all, the population of Argentina and Buenos AIres in particular (cosmopolitan people), are highly educated and can easily discuss various subjects that do not stay within the borders of their country -- as in the US). Furthermore, Argentines are people that are in love with LOVE. Have you ever tried to listen to Tango lyrics? It is always about LOVE. Think about the dance itself. The closeness, the embrace, the unspoken flirtation, the idea of love making without actually doing it. You have to understand that Argentines are LOVERS of everything. Friends, family and strangers. Have you seen young couples kissing (openly) on the street? At a cafe? In a park? Holding each other ever so close. Have you seen the older couples walking and holding hands? Have you seen that they greet each other (friends), with a kiss and even a stranger with a kiss? Have you seen how they love children? Have you seen that they are a culture that enjoys close physical proximity, hugs, embraces, etc. etc. Have you seen that gay people can openly walk holding hands and no-one says anything? Have you seen straight females walking hand in hand or hugging in public without any problem? The culture does not assume they may be gay because of that. Argentines are PASSIONATE PEOPLE and MEN LIKE TO GIVE COMPLIMENTS TO WOMEN AND WOMEN LOVE TO HEAR THAT. IT MAKES THEM FEEL SPECIAL AND FEMININE. But Americans are not like that at all. Americans are not physical people and a compliment to a woman is assumed like "he wants to go to bed with me":.. Please get off your high horse and do not be so cynical. Argentines FLIRT and are GOOD AT IT. Take it in stride and just enjoy it . . . it is the one part of life in which your getting attention from a stranger should be celebrated! Otherwise come back to the Bay area and be happy that NO ONE will ever bother to make you feel special -- unless they are your friends.


I love Internet Trolls...so sad..this email comes from Rhode Island via Verizon....


Deby - you are amazing! Thanks to your blog, I have been enlightened about the behavior of the Argentine male and culture. I dated an Argentine for a while here in the US... let's just say that you helped me understand many areas about which I was confused. Thanks!!

P.S. Keep writing - you do GREAT, very interesting work!

Esteban Buffagni

Nice post. But I must disagree. It may happen that you simply go to the wrong places, or you may have had bad luck.
Assuming that women do not talk is a step forward to paradise, that unfortunately does not exist. Women talk, and most of them -like men of course- talk more than enough. Assuming that they will only go to bed if they are told they are beautiful is too much imagination.
Buenos Aires is a modern city, if you go to the important part. Gay people can get married, for example. They can adopt children. Showing a tit on TV is not national news. And we have a female president. Trust me, she talks a lot.
I love Americans and I actually work with them every day. But they are usually quite confused assuming that they are diversity lovers and the rest of the world is not.
We may say you are beautiful once in a while. It is nice to say, and it is nice to hear. Even if it is regardless of the way you look. That small detail is what makes it great.
Funny how the men always say how it isn't true what I write....and the women say..gracias..


Of course there are nice men here, but not the chetos of Palermo. Do you want money? Ok, go out with them. Do you want love? Get out of that neighborhood.


It all certainly makes sense in a city in which millions of tiny leaflets posted weekly advertising, um, services, have come to be regarded as the national flower. speaks volumes to the pathetic clientele.

gary andersen


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