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September 01, 2011


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Amelia McGoldrick

I've been to Lo De Roberto. It is an interesting place and if you like tango music you should go for sure. Just don't try to talk while they are singing. Your description of El Chino sounds similar. It's sad when we lose these old school places. What milongas did you go to? I've only been to Catedral.


Try Lo De Roberto. It is very similar to what El Chino sounds like it was back in the day. The food isn't very good though. There is some info about it here:


I love the place for its true Argentine feel.


I love that movie. It's so ... tango. What really struck me is how "humilde" the singers are. Working class people with few resources, yet they sing not for fame or fortune, but for the love of the tango.

A couple of other movies you may enjoy. One is a bio on Homero Manzi, and another is a documentary on La Cumparsita, a Uruguayan production.

Un abrazo.

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