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I am sitting on my balcony having breakfast. It is only 9:30 but the day promises to be spectacular. There is so much sun I must wear my sunglasses. OOOOHHHH how Hollywood? I look out towards the river. My view is amazing. Even when all those horrible tower apartments are built, I will still have a great view. I look down at my breakfast. Trader Joe's pancakes from their mix, diet maple syrup (yeah I know - gross) from Safeway, and Peets coffee. How weird is this? Being in the middle of Buenos Aires and drinking Peets coffee. Some things never change.....


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As a NorCal exile myself, I feel you. Though I long ago ran out, Dr. Bronner's Peppermint All-in-One soap and its peculiar tingle provided me a similar reminder of home.

Katy at Pomelo Pleasures

Oh I would kill for some of those things. Corrientes is obviously not part of the same Argentina, geez. It took me 4 months just to find a place to buy the beans for coffee rather than the instant stuff!


brag brag brag!
I went to my gyrotonics training yesterday, and thought of you. She made me perform a "Barbie flex" with my feet!

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