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April 06, 2006


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I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with the Argentine men. I've yet to have an Argentine boyfriend. And I'm beginning to wonder whether I ever could, frankly.



This is hilarious and SO true. Being an American woman who lived with an Argentine man, well, he was 27, there were two sets of rules, both for him.....Including, but not limited to having other lovers, going out at midnight, and I'll talk to you when I need to. It's a totally different culture, which includes mistresses for them men, but women must work, cook, clean and take care of the kids. No other lovers for the lady of the house....oh nooooooo


Hi --

You are so funny I read this while at work, I think you should write a book on your adventures! I am traveling to Argentina soon and have dated Argentines before. I am latin and must say that they are one of the handsomest men! They have a beautiful accent also.


What is it with Argentine men and the phone? My ex had the same problem. He would call me at work and I'd be say, in a meeting with my boss. I'd tell him "I'll call you back after the meeting." He would say "I think you must tell you boss (his words) that your husband is calling and he must understand that I am more important than your job." My reaction was to say "whatever" and hang up. He would then call back and harangue my employees. It eventually was the straw that broke the camel's back. Another thing that annoyed me was he was the one who wanted to be American, he moved here, and told me it was his dream to be American for his whole life, but then he constantly complained that I didn't try to be more like a "good Argentine wife." Go figure.


I have fallen for a beautiful argentinian man with grey eyes, and I agree they do like to keep their ladies on their toes so to speak!


Hi Deby,

I just "met" you on the yahoo expat group, and I've been checking out your blog. This post is one of the funniest things I've read in recent history! Hilarious. I am married, so I fortunately I won't have any of these crazy romantic encounters to deal with when I come there in September. :)


"Once a guy invited me to the movies. He was shocked when I told him I didnt want to see the movies he selected. He was even more shocked when I told him if he absolutely had to see those movies I would prefer not to go. The concept of mutual decision making was not one he was familar with. My Argentine women friends told me that I should never do that..tell a man that I dont accept his choices. I should have told him that I would LOVE to see those movies, but I already promised my niece I would go with her.Only one problem...I have no niece either here or anywhere, and Roxie doesn´t like to go to the movies."

WELL DONE, Deby... WELL DONE!!!!!!!

I'm local and even when I'm arab descendant, I'm absolutely agree with you (believe it or not)

About the "friendly lie": "... I should have told him that I would LOVE to see those movies, but I already promised my niece I would go with her."

Yes, of course... How many nieces would you need next time?

You were awesome!!!!
With all due respect... I'm laughing to die while I'm reading your anécdota!!!
You are really brave!!!! go on!!!

I'm not agree with Adriana about americans men are the ice made human. There are many points of view about... Viggo Mortensen has showed to be a warm person beyond his nordic heritage...


raro che, muchos hombres que conozco y yo mismo minimo le diriamos bestia a alguien que se porta asi. que la mujer pague? a eso lo llamamos rata.
supongo que ya entenderas que significa llamar a alguien rata por estos lares.


Hi Deby,
Your viewpoints on the men in BA are very interesting. I plan to go to BA for about 3 months to work on my Spanish (I know very little) and see a different way of life. I am from Canada and am in my 40's. I will be there as a single woman and plan to rent a small budget flat. Any ideas on where to look and what to do while there? Did you speak Spanish fluently before you moved? I would also like to know where you meet the men that you meet on match.com. I know you wouldn't have them come up to your apartment. Thanks for the interesting lowdown on the men.


Hahaha.. yes men here are like that but come on... americans men are the ice made human. The art of aproaching, chatting and fliting is unique in Argentina


Deby this does not sound promising:(

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