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Three Days of Fame - Epilogue

¡Dios Mio!  The article with that really ugly picture hit the newspapers this week.  I have been getting the most bizarre email.  This was the article that was written by Jack Chang of Knight Ridder.  The details are in previous posts to this blog.

The first wierd email I got was from this woman who wrote me her whole life story.  It was pretty dismal. She said I was her inspiration.  She is 50+ years and felt like she never did anything with her life.  She lives in a small town.  She wanted to know if she learned to dance tango, would her life change like mine.  She thought my life was pretty exciting and if tango would do that for her, then she would find a place to take lessons.  Now how am I supposed to respond to that?  I never saw myself as a female Dr. Phil.... (You know Dr. Phil is the one thing I sort of miss.  He came on TV in a pizza place here and I was hella Argentine date thought I was crazy. Trying explaining the Dr. Phil concept to an Argentine.)

Well, I have never been known to have a boring life.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  One of my husbands said that my life was like a series of fire alarms, you never knew when the next one would go off.  He was one of the first ones when I was here during the crisis in 2001 when they rioted in Plaza de Mayo who wanted me to seek refuge in the embassy.  Naahhh, I was too busy dancing. 

What are some other interesting tid bits from my life...well, husband #1 and I came to California from the midwest in our orange VW Bug with our cat Zubin.  (Named after Zubin Mehta who we did not know was the conductor of the Los Angeles Symphony, Frank Zappa named him in a song, so we named our cat after the song.) Anyway , we sold tickets for a circus to get to California.  This was not something my parents liked to brag about.  Nice Jewish girls do not run away with the circus....

OK back to weird emails.  Well this one was more interesting than weird.  This guy has my last name and when the article appeared in the paper.  His friends asked if I was his sister.  Fat chance since he is almost the same age as my mother...anyway, he might be a distant relative.

Of course I got my share of marriage proposals etc.  I have always had this line of "admirers".  I have never really understood it.  But so be it.  One guy wrote and asked if I would teach him tango. He was a little wierd.  I kind of got the idea he wanted to learn the horizontal tango not the argentine tango - which could go horizontal if you hang out in the milongas long enough...but not with me.  Nope, dont go there...

Another guy sent me his canned cut and paste profile with his picture.  Eeeek!!!  I live here for a reason!!

Then there are the guys who email me that they are just learning to dance tango.  They want to come to Buenos Aires.  In a round about way they ask if I would dance with them and be their guide.  Arggghhh good thing they dont know what I really look like.Best

OK so this was my little touch with fame, I can only imagine what it would be like if I was really famous.

This is me with Roberto. I mostly look like this. He is
my friend, not my BOYfriend.We dance toghether, hang out.


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People do write in over the strangest things! Like the time I was on Radio Metro with El Rafa and got over 100 emails!
Although Deb, I feel like I am becoming your stalker, with my name being listed and blinking in RED Holly on! Holly on!

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