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May 05, 2008


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I'm glad you like Argentina so much. I really am. But I also think there are some things that need to be said... Argentines may be close with their friends and relatives but that does not mean they are friendly to everyone. As you said yourself, they keep their friends forever and stay in their same little groups. IMHO the people who are truly friendly don't behave like that. Quite the contrary. They are always willing to meet new people and are nice to EVERYONE. Even to the strangers they come across in the street. I don't see that in Argentina. As a matter of fact, I find argentines to be pretty cold and distant, specially with those who don't belong to their "circle". The treatment you receive as an outsider is very different from the one their frinds get. You're just an acquaintance. PERIOD. I think in that sense north americans are much more open. The level of friendliness they display towards strangers is hardly seen in Argentina.
Besides, who wants to spend their entire life living in the same place and hanging with the same people like argentines do? I for one think that the people who lead this lifestyle are missing out on a lot... There's so much to explore and experience!!! This is the reason why I find their way of life so uninteresting... As you said argentines tend to "stay put". And in my dictionary that equates to "boring" and "unadventurous". That's why I prefer the north american lifestyle.
As opposed to argentines, we north americans are not stuck to one place and way of life. We are not restrained by traditions. We value INNOVATION. We are always open to new experiences. We LOVE challenge. We are free to do what we want... I don't know you but I find all this refreshing. Feels like having wings and being able to fly... Just my two cents.


Hola Deby...

I think you pretty much nailed why many of us (gringos) are so attracted to other cultures. Argentina, Spain, Italy. They all seem to have evolved "how life should be". How life can be. We don't seem to get that here.

As always,


your biggest fan,



Hola Deby, me parece genial tu pagina. Mi nombre es Veronica y hace aproximadamente 4 años conoci a John por internet, el es de VA Washington, y nos enamoramos.Despues de vernos unas 4 veces al año el viene a vivir a la argentina en un mes.
Esta muy contento de venir, tiene 47 años y trabaja en computacion, networking systems.
Queria por favor si podias decirme si hay algun foro o algun lugar fisico donde las personas de USA suelen juntarse.
Y queriamos saber tu opinion sobre conseguir trabajo aqui, el esta muy preocupado por eso aunque yo creo que no va a ser un problema.
Nuevamente muy buena la pagina, John lee un poco todos los dias.....
Besos y ojala puedas contestarme.


Great post. I was just home in California and was invited in to see several friend's houses and their recent remodel projects. I thought to myself, that's funny, because in my new life in Argentina, that would never be offered.


I am so happy that you feel this way about "home".
Sometimes, just sometimes, I am also happy to open my home door and just be there by myself. Mostly is: Want to come over for pizza? Bring the wine then.

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