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I told my friends that if Obama didn't win, I would have to marry an Argentine.  A fate almost worst than death. (just kidding...sort of..) Marriage or having children is the only way to obtain Argentine citizenship.  My friend Yanqui Mike the organizer of the local Democrats Abroad here in BA said I would probably marry one anyway.  Nooooooo....... but this is another topic completely.

Today is history.  Not just for the United States, but for the world. The United States did an astounding thing by electing the first African American president, they chose to elect a man who hopefully will bring change not only to the United States, but to the world.


The United States is a world leader.  Other countries look to us. Our position in the world affects not only the United States, it affects everyone.  A world leader should set an example.  Our example was embarrassing.  It was amazing to me in the first place that Bush got elected. (You have to remember I used to live in Oakland California - next to Berkeley)  But he did.  In 8 years he ruined my country.
He caused the United States of American to become a world embarrassment.  The world hated us. 

I am proud that my country saw past the color of this man's skin to elect him.  I remember when my friend Susan from Minneapolis became an early backer of Obama I thought she was crazy.  Like most women of my generation I backed Hilary.  I thought Obama had no chance to win.  Besides admiring and believing in Hilary, I wanted a Democrat to win.  I didn't think the country could suffer through another 4 years of Republican leadership.

I wasn't happy that Hilary wasn't the winner.  She was my candidate.  I would back the Democratic candidate regardless.  There was no way I was going to back the Republicans.  Understand that if they had a suitable candidate it would be one thing, but they did not and as time went on they proved their candidate had no ability to  make decisions; begining with his heinous choice of a vice president running mate.

I was worried that Obama had no chance of winning.  I know my country.  Or maybe I thought I knew my country. I never thought a black man (sorry  I live here) had a chance to win.  While the Republicans slung mud, tried to dig up dirt, Obama chugged along.  He brought his message to the people.  He told them he knew the country was a mess.  He told them he knew that their country was not taking care of them.  People listened. 

Obama has a tough road.  He has a nightmare of an economy to deal with.  A country full of social ills. A country full of corruption, scandals. He needs to mend our relationship with other countries.  He has to deal with the wars started in Iraq and Afganistan.  Wars bleeding not only in those countries but in the US as well. 

I didn't leave the U.S. for Argentina because of the political climate.  I left because I love the lifestyle and culture in Argentina.  It is more suited to me, in spite of my grumblings about the men.  I love Argentina and here is my home. I probably will live here the rest of my life. Argentina is my adopted country.   I will always be an American.  That is something that will never change.  Last night, my native country made me proud to be an American.


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Deby, para obtener la ciudadanía argentina alcanza con residir en el país un par de años, tener DNI y un trabajo o renta. (En la Argentina el matrimonio se utiliza para otros fines: volverle la vida imposible al hombre). Pero eso si, mantenga el optimismo, en cualquier momento aparecerá algún voluntario con ganas de domar a la fierecilla. ;)

Marvin J.

Deby, Last Tues. night I attended my first victory party for a candidate, here in Savannah, GA. All I can say is "Gracias a Dios, al Fin". Finally a majority of American voters seem to realize that we have to change how we're doing things if we want different results. It was gratifying to see people vote for Hope instead of the Fear, Greed, and Anger which got us into this situation in the first place. Buenos Tangos, Marvin


Great comments, Deby - Great Comments - except for backing Hilary, whihc I never did as I thought she was too polarizing... ditto


Hola Deby... You are celebrating as an American living in Bs As, and I am celebrating as a Canadian. I too thought that Hilary was the "best man for the job" !! I too eventually realized that Senator Obama was doing something that nobody else could. He inspired genuine hope... in people of all color, creed and economic circumstance. He remained consistent, he told the truth. And I believe that Americans saw this truth... and compared it to the last 8 years... and made the best possible choice.

(How it could even be seen as a choice is beyond me. But lets not spoil this wonderful day by trying to understand what motivated anyone to support MaCain/Palin.)

This decision has altered the worlds perception of the United States, and I hope that much needed healing lies ahead.

Let us all pray for the president elect... he has a monumental job to do.

God Bless America!!!


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