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Dating With Deby: Tales of Internet Dating in Argentina..Those Men, Those Men, Those Argentine Men #4

Dating With Deby: Tales of Internet Dating in Argentina..Those Men, Those Men, Those Argentine Men #3

I have been on Zonacitas for almost 2 months.  Although there are many more men on the dating sites here, women usually receive  many more responses.  I get no less than 5 messages a day on Zonacitas and sometimes as many as 10.  The same with the other sites.  I need to have some sort of system in order to maintain a decent selection process.

The first line of fire is the message.  Sometimes I am amazed at how men message me. The messages range from "Hola" to "Where are you from?" to the history of Argentina.  There are some that are very blunt about what they are looking for and others are just plain jerks. I hate the ones that slobber on about my looks.  Bleech.  If the message catches my attention, next I check the profile.

If there is no photo, or a photo of a sunset, then no response.  That is a married guy.  If they don't fill out their profile, why should I be interested?  Once in awhile if I am bored I ask them why they have no pictures or a reasonable profile.  Most offer their email or phone number.  Married guy or guy in relationship.  Buzzz.  If they live in other provinces, really outside of Capital Federal or Zona Norte, I am not interested.  I do not see myself taking a 2.5 hour bus ride to have a date.  Guys who assume they can have the whole relationship in your world are usually married.  So complicated!

Next comes the messaging.  Now, while fluent, my grammar is not perfect.  However, when I chat with guys whose grammar is worse than mine..that is not a good sign.  I try to see if there is a reason to meet.  I think that is justifiable.  If not my life would be one long coffee date.  I could just set up shop at Starbucks and hand out numbers.

In the end, we exchange numbers and then comes the barrage of Whats Apps.  Sometimes guys will call me.  I much prefer that.  You can tell a little by someone's voice.  However, not everyone does that.  Although some guys tell me, that they want to make sure that I am a woman.  Buenos Aires has a huge transvestite/transgender/transexual population.  Oh well.

I gave my number to a guy.  We Whats Apped and then decided to meet.  I decide to wear my platforms.  I love my platforms.  This particular pair makes me 1.70cm or around 5'7.  I don't worry about it, because I recalled this guy was around 1.80 o 6'0.  He has a mustache which does not exactly thrill me, but being too picky is not a good thing.

I walk to the meeting place - a local coffee - ice cream place. We are going to meet in front of the door.  Mr. Blue Monday told me what he would be wearing.  As I approach the place I see no 6'0 tall guy with a moustache, there is this 5'5 guy with no moustache wearing the blue jacket and khaki pants.  "Who the hell is this?"  I think to myself.  This is not Blue Monday.  I somehow mixed myself up on who I was supposed to be meeting.  Plus, I didn't remember any 5'5 guy profiles.  I rack my brain.  Nothing comes up.  I can't back out because he sees me.

He of course, recognizes me immediately as I tower over him in said platforms.  He makes a comment about my being taller than my profile.  I point to my shoes.  So does he have SMS? (Short Man Syndrome) I keep my sarcastic mouth shut.  We go inside and sit down.  I make sure to select a booth so that we face each other.

My former business analyst self goes into play.  I need to figure out who this guy is.  "So, tell me about yourself."  I ask.  He tells me he is from Vicente Lopez.  He is in charge of a library.  OK.  "So you like to read?"  I ask.  "No."  he tells me.  "Reading is boring."  That seems weird.  Usually people who work in libraries like to read.  I cannot get a fix on what he actually does in the library. He does not want to answer my questions, or rather when he answers he beats around the bush.  This guy is definitely is a little strange. 

Then he tells me, "I love nature.  I love being outside.  Let's go to Tigre."  I tell him, "No, let's stay here."   He insists, "We can walk outside in Tigre."  I tell him, "I am not getting into a car with a strange guy I met on the Internet and going a hour away from here." I keep myself from saying, so shut up. He, of course does not agree and says so.  I glare at him.

I realize now who this guy is.  I tell him I am going to the bathroom.  Once inside I check the site on my cell.  Uff.  Yes.  I did get confused.  Although this guy did lie about his height.  I was talking to 3 guys that night and I gave this guy my phone number, when I thought I gave it to the other guy. I need to make this short and sweet.  This guy is not for me.  Sometimes I am blond.

I return to the table.  I ask Mr. Tigre Kidnapper if he likes the movies.  "No," he tells me. "Most movies are stupid."  "Theater?"  I ask.  The answer, well you probably guessed "No, too expensive."  I don't dare bring up alternative theater which is affordable.  He asks me what I like to do.  I tell him I like to travel.  I ask him if he likes to travel.

He tells me he has been to the south of Argentina, but to work.  He also went to Mendoza once.  I figure this is my out.  I tell him I really want to meet someone who likes to travel.  He asks me where do I want to travel to.  He adds he would go to Brazil. (Oh gee..) I tell him "Thailand, India, China."  He thinks that is weird.  "Have you been to Uruguay?"  he asks.  "Yes,"  I tell him, and to Chile, Peru, and Colombia.  I don't bother with the rest of the countries I have visited.  I just want to leave.

He brings up Tigre again.  I tell him I need to go, tomorrow I teach early.  He pays for the coffee and follows me out the door.  Most men, even if they are not interested in me, at least walk me home.  This guy asks which way I am going.  He tells me where he is parked and asks if I want a ride.  There is no way I am getting into a car with this pipsqueak, I would probably end up in a plastic bag on the side of the highway. We start to walk down Armenia.

"So," he starts, "What did you think?  I think things went really well between us."  I am beyond surprised these days with some of these dates.  I used to be nice, but now, I see no reason to lie.  I do not want to hear from this guy again. I tell him "I think you are probably a nice guy, but I do not think we have anything in common."  He gets mad, "I don't agree.  You are wrong."  Argentine men do not suffer rejection well, and this guy is a little crazy.  "OK,"  I tell him.  "I like to read, you think reading is boring.  I like the movies, you think movies are stupid.  I like the theater, you think it is too expensive.  I love to travel, and you don't.  What is it exactly that you think we have in common?"

He is super pissed.  I am not afraid.  We are on a busy street in my barrio. Plus I could stomp him with my platforms.  He looks at me " You are too old for me.  I prefer women in their 40s."  I love that.  It is supposed to hurt me.  I laugh at him.  If I am so old, why did he want to meet me?  I always find it humorous that men can only find this to say to me.  We are at the corner where I go left.  "Have a nice life, and good luck.  You need it. Older women have a difficult time finding men." He calls out to me as I turn left.   I laugh at him, "Que caballero."  (What a gentleman)



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Love your are hilarious and the topics are quite the treat...thank you!!

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