Living in Argentina: Homeless of Sorts
Living In Argentina: Home Sweet Home..#Brownisback

Living In Argentina: Homeless with Home, in Argentina

There are not enough hours in a day. Today I went to my new apartment before I went to work.  I needed to check what had been done yesterday, and find out the plan for today.  I went over the things that they were going to do.  My place looks like a bomb hit it.  White glove test is not something that is known here.  Grandma Brown would have had her last stroke in this apartment.

I remember when I remodeled my old place, I was freaked out.  I couldn't believe what these guys were doing.  I was terrified it would never end. (Another issue here..remodeling jobs that get started and never end, because the workers go on to other jobs.) Keeping the dirt and dust contained is a joke.

Today's plan included starting to place the tile in the bathroom.  They were going to continue the destruction of the kitchen.  All innocent projects.  Then I came back at noon.  The floor in the upstairs is microcement.  I am going to replace it with a floating wood floor. I saw that they were mixing the mortar in the middle of the floor.  The old me would have fainted.  The new adapted Argentine me just sort of sloughs it off.  I know the end result will be fine.  I hope.

Today I spent another 4 hours on the Calle Alberdi.  I now am so educated on floating floors I think that I could be a floating floor consultant.  It is amazing everything you need to know.  Everywhere I went I was told that you could not put floating floors in the kitchen. However, everything I read in the US and Europe said you could.  

There is a reason why sometimes you need to pay more.  I went to a store that has floating floors from the USA, Belgium, and Germany.  This is where I received my BA in floating floor design. The salesman spent at least 30 minutes with me explaining all the different floors and how they could be used.  Everything he said coincided with what I had been reading.  This is not normal in Buenos Aires. Most places will actually lie about their product to sell it, and then get angry at you if you have a problem.  This was one place where they really know what they are selling.

I want to do a floating floor in my living room/kitchen.  The living room is not the problem, the kitchen is.  I want to mix ceramic with it the floor in the kitchen.  My friend Greg found a picture on Pinterest that is amazing.  The creative juices started flowing.   This place has high quality PVC floors. I can use them in the kitchen.  They are expensive, but they will be worth it.

Meanwhile, I am still floating from apartment to apartment.  I am homeless with a home.  I am now in the 3rd Airbnb apartment since I moved out of my place in Palermo.  I have to be out of this place by the middle of next week.  I will be moving into my new place without painting or new floors.

I haven't seen Maxi since December.  She probably thinks leashless in Banfield is the new norm.  She will probably be pretty unhappy to move back, even if means getting a new rooftop terraza and a balcony.  JerryBrown is just píssed at me.  I see him at least once a week.  He has that angry look on his face.  I know that he is super happy at Sam's.  He is spoiled to death and he has a 50 sq meter patio, but still, he knows who his momma is.  He doesn't understand why I come and go.  I think it will be much easier for him.

I can't wait to move.  I can't dance, because I don't know where my shoes are.  They could be in storage, or in some boxes at my new place or boxes at Sam's.  I know they are not with me  here in Airbnb apartment #3.    

Moving is not fun.


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